The software engineering market in Poland is growing rapidly, with a high demand for skilled software engineers. According to reports, there are around 500,000 software developers working in Poland, and the number is projected to increase.

One of the main advantages of the software engineering market in Poland is the relatively low cost of living and salaries compared to other countries in the European Union, making it an attractive destination for tech companies looking to outsource software development
work, especially from the USA.

Hiring software engineers in Poland requires proper structuring from HR, payroll, and corporate perspectives, hence we take the privilege of sharing our long-term
experience with you and hope that you will find it helpful in planning entry or expansion to the Polish software engineering market.

Watch our video to learn more about setting up your IT/tech business in Poland.

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How we can help you

Setting up the tech business in Poland and hiring people requires specific formal steps to be taken.

We can help you out with the following points

  • providing for ready shelf company for your business
  • registration for tax and social security contributions in Poland
  • coordination over B2B and labor contracts
  • tax structruing of financing of the activity in Poland (equity/debt)
  • tax allowances for the tech sector [IP box, R&D allowance, others]
  • bank accounts opening and cash management
  • accounting and payroll
  • MDR reporting
  • other tax | accounting | payroll related aspects

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Whenever you need any initial consultancy or are not certain which support is required in your particular case, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to make your business easier.

Our goal is to help you navigate the complex world of taxes and accounting.