Payroll services consist of:

Preparation of monthly payroll calculation

Generating payment files

Providing payslips

Submission of social security reports

Providing tax and social security payment details

We agree with client specific timeline for the payroll run, as well as the scope and format of input data. In addition to statutory payroll reports, we provide gross-to-net calculations in English. We follow GDPR requirements.

Apart from payroll services, we may also offer you HR services connected with personal files, holiday registers, and many others.

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Fund Accounting

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HR services

Management Accounting

Streamlined Processes

At Koda, we emphasize a process-driven approach. Collaboratively, we set task deadlines and designate responsible individuals with our clients. We present the outcomes of our work in the designated format – reports, calculations, tax returns – always within specified timeframes.

Cutting-edge Payroll System

Our local payroll system guarantees full compliance with Polish payroll and tax regulations. With regular updates, we stay abreast of new payroll, tax, and ZUS (social security) requirements.

Taxes and Social Security Contributions (ZUS)

Our experienced team possesses high tax expertise. We ensure complete compliance with tax and ZUS contribution filings according to Polish regulations. We offer clear explanations of the impact of legal changes on client operations, assisting in implementing necessary modifications (e.g., related to remote work, taxing benefits, etc.).

Audits and Controls

Leveraging our extensive experience, we adeptly handle tax audits, ZUS reviews, and labour inspections. As part of our comprehensive year-end payroll procedures, we secure a certificate of tax and ZUS contribution compliance for clients.

Security Priority

Ensuring the security of your data is our top priority. At Payroll, we implement rigorous control and security measures. Access to your data is limited to authorized personnel only, and our systems are meticulously safeguarded.

Payroll Documentation

We provide access to up-to-date payroll forms. Our team assists in onboarding new employees and aids in organizing medical examinations and health and safety training.

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