Year-end services consist of:

Balance-sheet valuations

Year-end procedures

Reconciliation of closing balances

Annual reporting to the Polish Central Bank and Statistics Office

Preparation of annual financial statement (in Polish and English)

Preparation of financial statement for submission in XML format

We systematically agree on the year-end closure timeline to meet the group and statutory deadlines. We inform you before the balance-sheet date about any required steps and year-end procedures, so that you may stay ahead of the process.

After implementation phase we are able to deliver management reporting in line with your group’s requirements. If required, we can provide you with remote access to our accounting system where you can get the financial data for reporting purposes. We are also ready to help you with any tax matters you may have.

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Management Accounting

Streamlined Processes

At Koda, we believe in a process-driven approach to delivering our services. Collaborating closely with our clients, we set clear task deadlines and assign responsible individuals. We present the outcomes of our work in a structured format, whether it’s reports, calculations, or tax returns, all within agreed-upon timeframes.

Digital Document Management

Embracing cutting-edge technology, we’ve implemented a streamlined workflow for managing accounting documents. Whenever possible, we prioritize electronic document processing to minimize paper usage. Our team also assists clients in obtaining tax rulings, enabling the secure disposal of paper-based records.

Compliant Accounting System

Our utilization of a robust local accounting system ensures strict adherence to Polish accounting and tax regulations. With frequent system updates, we stay ahead of the curve, staying well-versed in the latest tax and reporting requirements.

Tax Expertise

Our team boasts in-depth tax competencies. We ensure impeccable tax compliance, interpreting intricate tax changes and their impact on our clients’ operations. Partnering with us means seamless implementation of essential changes, such as KSeF adoption or handling taxes on shifted income. 

Audit and Assurance

With a rich history of managing audits and tax reviews, we navigate these processes with unparalleled expertise. As part of our comprehensive tax year-end procedures, we secure a ‘tax-clearance’ certificate for our clients, demonstrating their up-to-date tax liability status.

Emphasis on Security

Your data security is paramount to us. Koda employs stringent control and security measures. Limited personnel have access to your data, and our systems are fortified to ensure protection. 

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