Tax ongoing advisory covers a very broad aspect of all the tax management processes of your company or capital group. Our expertise covers inter alia:

Withholding tax aspects (opinions, statements, processes, procedures)

Mandatory Disclosure Rules analysis and reporting (MDR/DAC-6)

Sector-specific tax reporting (e.g. reporting for real estate companies)

Depreciation and fixed asset registers (incl. cost segregation)

Tax reviews and sign-offs re: tax function

Preparation of opinions, analysis, training, workshops, instructions, and internal tax procedures

Property tax analysis and reporting

Ad hoc advisory re: CIT, VAT, PCC and other corporate taxes and contributions, incl. hotline or pre-agreed subscription model

Apart from your tax matters, we are ready to assist you with payroll and accounting services.

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Business perspective

For years we have been working with investment funds, company boards, CFOs, investment committees, and accountants. We understand their needs and try to orient ourselves to the business in which we operate. When providing tax advice, we take into account not only the merits but also business needs.   

High responsiveness

We do not leave inquiries unanswered. According to our rules, we respond to all inquiries within 24 working hours and then communicate on a regular basis. 


We realize that the tax system is getting more and more complicated. We present tax dependencies in a simple and accessible way, enabling you to make a business decision. 

Accounting and calculations

We look at tax issues not only from a legal but also from an economic perspective. We understand that any tax opinion is ultimately reflected in investment models, business plans, calculations, or accounting postings.    

Recognized experts

Our consultants enjoy a good reputation in the market, confirmed by national and international titles and industry awards. They are members of the Chamber of Tax Advisors and are officially qualified as tax advisors. 

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