We assist foreign investment funds seeking stability, tax risk management, and reliable reporting

Backed by extensive expertise in international fund structures and a demonstrated history in accounting encompassing IFRS standards, reporting, and tax advisory, we stand as a good choice for investment funds. Rely on us to enhance your operations, guaranteeing both compliance and efficiency.

M&A advisory

We offer tax due diligence, which is an assessment process that evaluates the target’s company tax obligations, exposures, and risks. It ensures informed decision-making during mergers, acquisitions, or investments by uncovering potential tax liabilities and offering strategies for mitigation.

Structuring memoranda

A tax structuring memorandum is a strategic roadmap crafted by our tax experts to optimize a business’s financial framework, identifying efficient ways to manage tax liabilities while ensuring compliance with regulations and maximizing benefits.

Tax analysis of transactional contracts

Analysis of transactional contracts provides thorough examination and optimization of tax clauses in contractual agreements. We ensure contracts align with tax efficiency goals, mitigating risks, reflecting commercial agreements, and maximizing benefits for your business. We co-draft and verify preliminary and closing contracts, insurance policies, side letters, representations & warranties clauses, and Letters of Intent, depending on your needs.

Tax memoranda

M&A transactions often require additional sign-offs and reliance letters for financing institutions, group entities, insurers, and underwriters. Our service ensures meticulous documentation, description of tax risks, and mitigation strategies, to facilitate seamless transactions.

Negotiation assistance

With our expertise, we actively advocate your tax perspective, strategically presenting and pursuing favorable avenues for mitigating tax risks during crucial calls and meetings.

Transactional tax rulings

Transactional tax rulings are quite a common component of M&A tax risk mitigation in Poland. Drafting them meticulously is paramount; our service ensures the utmost precision to safeguard comprehensive tax protection for asset deals and the acquisition of enterprises.

Tax modeling

Tax modeling enhances business strategies by integrating crucial tax data into existing models. We ensure accuracy, enabling informed and tax-efficient decision-making.

Taxes on repatriation of profits

Distribution of passive income abroad often entails intricate withholding tax (WHT) considerations or tax on shifted income. Our expertise encompasses establishing WHT collection systems, securing WHT opinions, facilitating refunds, managing filings, and optimizing the WHT function for seamless operations. We cover also compliance and analysis of tax on shifted income for your international business.

Capital gain taxes

Expert insights on capital gain taxes in Poland are essential for optimizing investment strategies, minimizing liabilities, and maximizing returns on capital gains while ensuring compliance with tax regulations.


Navigate financing, re-financing, financial restructurings, and interest deductibility restrictions with our expert tax advisory. We provide strategic insights to optimize your financial structures while ensuring compliance with tax regulations.

Tax reviews and analysis

Enhance convenience and stability while developing your tax management function with our specialized tax review and analysis services. Our expert insights help you optimize your tax position and ensure regulatory compliance, enhancing your fund’s performance.

Tax rulings and risk management instruments

Secure your tax position for years to come and establish stability with our services in tax rulings and tax risk management instruments. We adeptly handle applications on behalf of clients, ensuring long-term tax peace of mind.

Transfer tax (PCC)

Streamlining transfer tax (PCC) compliance is our expertise. From post-share deal advisory to equity shifts and restructurings, we handle it all.

Fund accounting

We provide fund accounting services in close cooperation with the fund management company (KVG or other). We maintain accounting records that allow us to group and categorize accounting operations. If necessary, in addition to preparing financial reports for the fund, we can provide files for importing financial data (transactions).

Accounting services

We maintain the accounts in accordance with Polish regulations and tax requirements. For reporting purposes, we can provide financial data according to IFRS or US GAAP standards. If necessary, we can maintain local books in accordance with IFRS standards.

Tax compliance

We provide ongoing tax compliance services in VAT and CIT area. We prepare and submit to the tax administration the required data and tax returns. We are the main contact person for Polish tax authorities. We handle tax audits.

Financial statements & reporting

We prepare periodic financial reports for group needs, as well as required reporting for banks and other institutions. For reporting purposes, we can provide financial data according to IFRS or US GAAP standards. We handle the preparation of statutory financial statements and reporting to Polish Central Bank (NBP).

Directorship services

We can provide experienced individuals to act as professional independent directors of your SPV companies. We offer directorship services in combination with our accounting and tax compliance services.

Cash management

We handle the cash management of the SPV. We prepare and enter bank transfers, prepare liquidity requests, and handle currency conversions. We monitor and prepare liquidity plans.

Payroll services

We provide payroll and human resources services for employed employees. In addition to preparing the monthly payroll, we take care of personnel records, notifications and reporting to the Social Security Administration. We provide employees with access to the e-employee portal.

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